listen to the timeless song ‘Kitunguu’ by Kalahi 67

They say music has a way of talking to someone in the entire world regardless if the said person in question understands the language of the music he/she is listening to, that’s the power of music, in simple terms, music is universal and that’s the beauty of it. For instance, Sjava has international fans who loves his music and they necessarily don’t understands what he is talking about, they love him because he stands true to himself by embracing his roots, his beliefs, his culture and sharing it to the entire world.

Kalahi released her debut timeless record 'Kitunguu' back in 2015 and it's still timeless today. Source: @kalahi_/Instagram

Kalahi released her debut timeless record ‘Kitunguu’ back in 2015 and it’s still timeless today. Source: @kalahi_/Instagram

That being said, Kalahi is another artiste that will surely capture your attention with her angelic voice once you listen to her even for the first time and with her debut record dubbed ‘Kitunguu’ which is Swahili for onions is somewhat a record that can easily resonate with anyone out there.

It’s true there’s someone out there who might have hurt you and left you feeling empty or rather “left you onions instead of bananas” as Kalahi puts it poetically and thus, that’s where Kalahi’s record ‘Kitunguu’ comes in to tell you that it’s alright and everything will be okay if you just live past the hurt.


Like I said, you don’t need to understand a song’s language to groove to a certain song, if you don’t understand Swahili, you sure understand that the song is something that you can groove to it every single day now that you know about it. Stream the song ‘Kitunguu’ below


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