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Ferré Gola, also Ferre Gola, whose full name is Hervé Gola Bataringe, is a DR Congolese recording artist, vocalist, and entertainer.

He at one time was a member of the Congolese band Quartier Latin International, founded and led since 1986, by Koffi Olomide.

He was born on 3 March 1976, in Kinshasa, the largest city and capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From an early age, he was passionate about becoming a professional musician.


Ferré Gola began his career in a band in Bandalungwa commune called “Rumba des Jeunes” before making his historic entry in “Wenge Musica” in 1995.

At the dislocation of this group, Ferré Gola joined Werrason in “Maison mère” for 7 years, before creating with Bill Cliton and Jus d’été “Marquess of Maison mère”.

But, “Les Marquis” burst out a few months later after the triumphant release of the opus “Miracles”, best album at the KORA awards 2005 in Africa South.

In 1995 during at a talent fair in Bandalungwa, a district in the city of Kinshasa, he was spotted and recruited by Werrason into the group Wenge Musica.

When that band broke up, Gola the group Wenge Musica Maison Mère where he spent seven years from 1997 to 2004.

He left the group Werrason in 2004 to found The Marquis of Mother House with JDT Mulopwe and Bill Clinton Kalonji who also left Werrason.

In 2005, Gola joined the group Quartier Latin International, of Koffi Olomide, leaving for a solo career in 2006, the same year Fally Ipupa left.

While at Quartier Latin, one of the memorable hits he produced was the song Sisi Silvie Remix where he pairs with Olomide.

With his real name Hervé Gola BATERINGE, Ferré has made an exceptional artistic journey which has earned him his current success.

Referring to his eye-catching historical past, all the young people of his generation who

The same name as Hervé is nicknamed GOLA. He is well-known for his work and is surrounded by a team of young ladies and gentlemen who are well-established both in his administration and in his orchestra, among others: Chikito, Kunzardo, Charly solo, Nicodème, Guy digital, De Gaulle, and others.

Currently, Ferré Gola has “3 albums including Sens interdit (2007), Qui est derrière toi (2009) and Boîte noire.

He also released a single titled Avant avant, a song in support of his sponsor the Bralima entitled Lubukulukumu, and a song about peace in the east of the DRC.

Its musical repertoire consists of nearly 60 beautiful songs, not to mention featuring with foreign artists whose recent

“Caresse” with Singuilla and “I gave it all” with Dry from the group Sexion D’Assaut.

For your information, before embracing the solo career, Ferré Gola produced 5 songs including Vita Imana, Victim of love, 100 kilos, love interest, Insecticide and several pieces of vocal that remained long on the lips of his fans.

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