Amanda Du-Pont in shock after Shawn Rodriques is still in shock 85

Amanda Du-Pont is still in shock after her boyfriend or should we say, fiancee, Shawn Rodriques proposed to her on their vacation.

Amanda posted a video after the proposal went down as she wasn’t aware of it at all, it was a total surprise and she didn’t see it coming and for
that she is very grateful and thankful to her boo who is now her fiance Shawn Rodriques.

Amanda Du-Pont just posted up a new video letting the whole world how much she loves her new fiancee for making her dream come true, she is still in shock after the proposal went down a few hours ago.

“HONESTLY AND LITERALLY A DREAM COME TRUE?? In shock I picked up my camera to Vlog right after the proposal…as I had been vlogging the trip for my youtube channel. But clearly I had no idea what I was doing and just broke down in tears?
It’s ok to be vulnerable ❤️ I’m only human, this proposal touched me so deep. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. We are very grateful?? I love you Shawn Rodriques and God has answered our prayers??”



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