AKA exposes his ex Bonang Matheba for doing him wrong over the years 79

So I guess this time AKA and Bonang Matheba are officially done for good, no gimmick, no nothing.

According to AKA, Bonang wants to live like Rihanna and while thinking she’s Beyonce and what we don’t know for sure is if AKA is saying this metaphorically or if he means it a hundred percent though we know how AKA never lies on his verses, so far he hasn’t lied on his verses not even once.

AKA has turned his back to the beautiful owner, proprietor of Bonang For Distraction and he explains everything(at least according to his side of the story) why he can’t be with Bonang and how it would need a miracle for them to ever be together again in this life.

Before anything else, let’s take a moment to just appreciate the stunning beautiful photos of Bonang Matheba and how pretty she is.



AKA knows that this song dubbed ‘Beyonce’ was going to break the internet and true to his word it has and if anything it has made fans everywhere anticipate his last album ‘Touch My Blood’ to drop already.

BonangAKA(Bonang and AKA) back in the day while they were all happy enjoying a vacay together. photo: courtesy

BonangAKA(Bonang and AKA) back in the day while they were all happy enjoying a vacay together. photo: courtesy

According to AKA, Bonang is disappointed him because he thought she was going to be his soul mate after he left his baby mother DJ Zinhle (who they have since became very close).

It actually shocked him that she turned out to be something totally different from what he had perceived of her hence the reference of her with the line: How you go be my fiance living like Rihanna thinking you are Beyonce.

Here’s the quotable lyrics off ‘Beyonce’ first verse:

How you gonna be my fiancee?
Living like Rihanna
Thinking you’re Beyonce
Holidays with the small plane
I bought you Balenciaga all I wanted was the small things
808 Heartbreak
When I left my baby mama I thought you would be my soulmate
You was a bum bae
Now I’m talking to this Bombay
You won’t believe
All these fucken nights I go freeze
My mona lisa
She all up in the streets
Michael Angelo all up in the suites
That’s bitter sweet

This song really airs everything out, totally everything. Just listen to the lyrics of the song below to know how AKA feels about Bonang after the break up, if this was a diss track, AKA would have bodied Bonang with no clap back on the horizon


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